November 19, 2014
by Half-Hearted Housewife
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40 Weeks The Movie

This is a sponsored post, with access to the film provided by Doctor Smith’s, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.  Can you even know what to be ready for? At one point in the documentary, 40 Weeks, a documentary … Continue reading

July 17, 2014
by Half-Hearted Housewife

Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray Giveaway!!!!

A couple of months ago, Dr. Smith’s sent me the most amazing thing in the mail: diaper rash SPRAY. Spray, I tell you. Then they told me that I couldn’t talk about it with anyone because I was just a … Continue reading

October 25, 2013
by Half-Hearted Housewife

Losing the “Baby” Weight: The Fashion Friday That Wasn’t

I weigh the same right now as I did in December of last year. Which was when Spike was about 6 weeks old. Yeah. I’m not proud of that. In fact, it’s been making me feel pretty crappy. If you’ve been … Continue reading