January 26, 2015
by Half-Hearted Housewife


I’ve done a lot of bitching and moaning about our new post. It’s no secret that this post is not where I would have picked to live. I’m feeling pretty isolated and it affects the way I look at everything … Continue reading

October 7, 2014
by Half-Hearted Housewife

Building and Breaking Down

I like to build things. I don’t have fancy tools or real skills. What I do have is a table saw, a drill, a few other tools, lots of notebooks, and an active imagination. I’ve mostly built a ton of … Continue reading

September 30, 2014
by Half-Hearted Housewife

Silver Linings

We’re more than a month into our new school year. Three of the four boys are in school. Yes- they have full-day preschool in the public school system here. Score one for the middle-of-nowhere! I wasn’t sure how the transition … Continue reading