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My name is Claire and I don’t clean. At least not when I can help it. I’m an Army wife with four sons- this year they’ll turn 7, 5, 3, and 1. The littlest was just born in November of 2012!

We have moved seven times in the last eight years. Two dogs have followed us to all eight homes in four different states so I guess we’ll keep them- they’re Gunner and Shera (yes, like in the He-Man cartoons). Gunner keeps jumping the privacy fence to explore the neighborhood though… if you see him, will you bring him back to us?

The Husband, better known ’round these parts as Sergeant Handsome (much to his chagrin), has 10 years in the Army. Halfway to retirement! He’s also an Eagle Scout. And he does all the dishes and all the laundry. AND let’s me sleep in on the weekends. Be jealous ladies- he’s a catch. Not to worry though, he’s also 100% real. I’m no Manti T’eo.

Fidget, the oldest boy, is  7 and is sort-of in Second Grade. We homeschool, so it’s hard to tell. He’s got a big heart and thin skin, and is so sweet you could eat him for dessert. “Those earrings look great on you, Mom!” Seriously, he says things like that. He’s nice to have around on a bad day. Reading is his favorite thing to do, which he gets from me. Sergeant Handsome would prefer if Fidget and I would stop bringing books home. Sorry, babe.

Mini-Me, the middle boy, is 5 going on 17. He’s very much a dude. He’s funny and brave and knows his own mind. Do not try to cross him or try to convince him that he’s wrong. It won’t work. He’s also my personality in a tiny boy’s body. It’s weird. Lately we have loved watching him play with both his older and younger brothers. And we’re working on trying to cure him of his cursing. Goddamnit kid, where did you get that mouth?

Chuckles is our third, he turned 3 in June. He loves to run around with this wild pack of boys and dogs, bracing for impact whenever he’s about to get trampled. Chuckles earns his nickname through a big belly laugh and ready smile. He’s less forthcoming with sleep than smiles though, so he’s lucky he’s cute. Don’t be alarmed at all the bruises and cuts you see on him in pictures… he’s just throwing himself at life (and off of couches and such, just to see what happens). He might be accident prone but he’s also adorable.

Spike, the baby and, yes, the 4th boy, was born in November of 2012. I already can’t remember life without him. Spike has taken quite nicely to the insanity that is our house. He’s trying to get on my good side already by being the best sleeper we’ve had yet. Well done, young man, well done. He also loves his big brothers already. Nothing can get him to smile and laugh like the sight of one of them talking to him and telling him stories. Sometimes we have to get Chuckles to be a little more gentle with his love, but he’s just trying to get Spike acclimated, right?

You can also find me as a contributor to the Cotton Babies blog and in all my spare time during the summer I’m also the Communications Director at Camp Jeanne d’Arc. My first summer as a camper was in 1993 and I can’t seem to shake the place. It’s part of who I am. So I guess it’s a good thing they hired me.

Here you’ll find tales of an imperfect and unpredictable life- life as mom, keeping my sanity, losing my sanity, and anything else I can think of to share. Every Friday I post that day’s outfit. Some weeks are better than others. I keep it real, yo. And if you see an UNrecipe? That’s my half-hearted attempt at the fancy recipes you’ll find on some other sites. No measurements or exact ingredients required. I try to be honest and not to sugarcoat things. We have our big girl panties on here.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want to come over for a drink. Just warn me first so that I can throw all my laundry in a closet and hide magazines under the bed.

For real.


EMAIL:   claire (at) halfheartedhousewife (dot) com




(Thanks to Amanda Padgett for the photo- you made me look like a better version of myself!)



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  2. Claire! I love your blog. You write with such honesty, and as I remember you from camp days, always funny. I used to blog, but haven’t in a long while, dont really have a good reason why I stopped, anyway I’ll let u know if I start again. Your motherhood/housewife anecdotes are something I’m really relating to. Am a new mom of two boys and just really feel just like you about them and life with them… My 2.5 year old, Andres, is starting to talk more fluently and it’s great! And Tomas is only 3 weeks old and just sooo yummy! He smells soooo good!
    Anyway, just wanted to let u know that I completely agree on the mommy guilt trips… Like now I should be sleeping, cause they all are, and I know T is going to wake up to feed in an hour (most likely he will feed and fall asleep again, cause he is a sleeper. Thank goodness) but I should sleep when he does, correct? Instead Im on the couch enjoying the silence and ipadding, reading your blog, looking at pictures of the things I missed fron the Royal Wedding (which I too woke up at 5am to watch, and enjoyed like a little girl) like the awesome cake and pictures of them going off on the helicopter the next day… Their faces sooo relaxed and satisfied!
    I cant help but wonder about them, and how different their real life (behind closed doors) is from evryone else’s. Friday as I nursed T, I found myself wondering if Kate Middleton would nurse her own babies, do princesses do that? It would be great if she did… (for her kid’s sake) Haha…
    Anyway, glad to read a real busy mom’s take on dayly situations, that are so similar to mine… Big hug to you and your lovely family! Will keep your blog bookmarked.

    Have a great week! 🙂
    Omg, guilt trip… Have to sleep, otherwise wont be able to function tomorrow.

  3. do princesses still get wet nurses? they did baaaaack in the day. hmmm.

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  12. Hi I noticed you haven’t been posting in a while but hope you’ll still see this. I’m an Air Force wife of 15 years and love your articles. I hope you’re still out there writing somewhere!

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