Buy a boat, run for president, eat cake…


Today is Sergeant Handsome’s birthday. He’d prefer no one know that it’s his birthday, because he’s weird that way, so my writing a blog post about it is perfect. Sorry, babe!

But we just finished having the following discussion as the boys ate breakfast and, well, sharing that trumped SH’s preference for an anonymous birthday.

Chuckles, age 4: Mommy, how old is Daddy now?
Me, age more than 30: He’s 35!
Chuckles: Wow, now he can drive a boat and BUY ONE TOO!
Mini-Me, age 6: No, he can’t buy a boat. He’s not rich. *insert eye roll here*
Chuckles: Yes he can!
Mini-Me: No- just because you’re 35 doesn’t mean you’re a billionaire!
Chuckles: At least he can run for president now.
Mini-Me: He’s not going to be president either.
Chuckles: Well… he can eat cake.

Chuckles, dreamer of dreams. Mini-Me, crusher of dreams. Me, laughing too hard to continue to interject in their conversation. Sergeant Handsome, left the room to get ready for work as his 6-year old insulted his life prospects.

Well, you can eat cake, Sergeant Handsome. You can always. eat. cake.

Dream big. Happy birthday.

(I think you could be president if you really wanted to be)

Military Ball

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  1. Always love your blogs. Happy Birthday to Jared. You two still look so young and cute. Seems like yesterday at the wedding.
    Uncle Garry

  2. Wonderful picture! You two look great! Enjoy your cake Sergeant Handsome! I always love your stories, Claire!

  3. You’d make a great First Lady. 😉

  4. Your stories are so funny. WE can’t wait to see you guys and catch up. It’s going to be so much fun. Happy Birthday to the man!!

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