A Glimpse of Winter

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It’s official: my kids are Texans. 

This week we’ve had a bunch of frozen rain and my kids are fascinated by the ice and frozen ground. Walking home from school on Monday took twice as long as usual (even though it was 28 degrees outside) because we had to keep stopping in awe at the wonders of winter. 

“The grass is CRUNCHING! It’s crunching because it’s frozen!”
“Guys! Look! There are ICICLES! We’ve never seen icicles!”
“There was a mini-blizzard while we were in school!”

Yikes. These kind of proclamations don’t happen with kids used to real, actual, winters. As a winter-loving girl myself (I will take cold and gray over sunshine and warmth any day) I am both delighted by how much they are enjoying the small blast of winter we’re currently having and sad that this is what they consider a blizzard. Mostly because it didn’t actually snow at all. Though it’s nice to know that they enjoyed being outside in below-freezing temperatures- they’ve been asking us for months when we’re going to move to a place where it snows and if we can go on vacation in the winter instead of the summer so we can travel to somewhere with snow. They know just how to make this winter-loving-mother happy.

They obviously weren’t the only Texas-kids-that-have-clearly-never-seen-real-winter because of the confused and curious exclamations from other kids as they left school on Monday into the ice. Plus the number of people walking to and from school has dwindled to basically us and two other families. 

We’re getting more freezing rain as I type this, so hopefully their fascination holds strong. I love the weather and will be enjoying every second of it before it goes back to being in the 70s next week. (if you’re in Boston under 100 feet of snow, please don’t send me hate mail- let’s trade places instead)

Don't laugh at our sad attempts at winter!

Don’t laugh at our sad attempts at winter!

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  1. I love to see the delight of children over things most of us adults hardly notice. Yesterday Luke spent an hour with a hammer in the backyard chipping at the ice frozen in the wheelbarrow to get to the water underneath. He was absolutely fascinated, just like your boys with the ice and frozen grass. I love it! Such enjoyment over simple pleasures.

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