And then you split?


Last week we were all in the car and I was talking about my parents coming to visit for Thanksgiving. I must have referred to them as “mom and dad” at one point instead of “Gran and Papa” (which is how my kids know them). This led to the following conversation between Mini-Me, the 6-year old, and myself. 

Mini-Me: So Gran and Papa are YOUR mom and dad? 
Me: Yup, they’re my parents. 
Mini-Me: Huh. So that’s why they’re older than you are?
Me: It’s one of the reasons, yeah. 
Mini-Me: Soooo… you got to a certain age and then you just… split?
Me: (laughing hysterically) I guess you could say that. 
Mini-Me: I’m never going to split from you. 
Me: Well, that’s very nice but we’ll have to revisit this conversation when you’re older. 
Mini-Me: Nope. I’m never going to split from you guys. I don’t want to split. 
Me: Okay then. 

This led to the rest of the kids joining him in to declare that they would never split from us either. I guess we’ll need to make sure our retirement home has plenty of rooms. 


"So then you just split?"

“So then you just split?”


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