On Honesty


Fidget, the 7-year old, is constantly trying to get Mini-Me, the 5-year old, to play board or card games with him. His standards for participation are very low, as evidenced from this conversation that I overheard yesterday: 

Fidget: Hey, Mini-Me, will you play Christmas SNAP with me?
Mini-Me: No, I don’t want to play. I’m no good at that game 
Fidget: You won on Saturday when we played! You are good!
Mini-Me: Yeah, but that’s just because I was cheating a lot. 


First, don’t judge me because my kids are playing Christmas-themed card games in March. It’s just as fun when it’s not Christmas. Second, I apologize to the world for raising a Cheaty McCheaterson. But cheater though he may be, he clearly can’t lie about it… so that’s something of a win for me. 

Here’s hoping anyone that plans on cheating you warns you first also. 

The Half-Hearted Housewife

The Cheater

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  1. “Cheaty McCheaterson” hahahaha, omg I’m laughing so hard at my desk I scared my cubicle-mate…

  2. “because I was cheating a lot!” bwhahahahaa! at least he’s honest about it!

  3. That was hilarious and honest.

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