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*I was provided this box for free by Citrus Lane, but all thoughts and opinions are my own

Did you ever go to summer camp? I talk about it all the time, so obviously I did. One of the best parts of camp was getting a care package. It was just so fun to get a box of assorted goodies to go through and enjoy.

Citrus Lane is like a care package for grown-ups. Well, grown-ups that have a child anyway. You tell Citrus Lane the month and year that your baby was born and they send you a box of goodies that are tailored to his/her age. With basically no effort on your part. Citrus Lane puts together 4-5 items for your child (and sometimes something for you) that will be appropriate for their age. Hooray! The $25 price tag includes shipping and, at least in the two boxes I have received, there are usually coupon codes for awesome things in addition to the actual goods.


In the box I received earlier this month, I received:

  • Tea Collection onesie that is the SOFTEST article of children’s clothing I’ve ever felt (also a coupon code for ordering more awesomeness from Tea Collection), I wish I had known about this company when my kids were little(r) ones but I’m happy to see they have clothes for all of the boys, even my oldest. 
  • Boon self-feeding spoon (truthfully, my youngest is a little beyond this but I’m gifting it to a friend with a younger baby)
  • Bedtime Rhymes, from Barefoot Books. Barefoot makes the nicest board books, they’re beautiful and durable. This is no different with adorable illustrations (photos? it’s hard to describe, it basically looks like collage) and old-school bedtime rhymes 
  • Dr. Smith’s rash cream (plus a coupon for stocking up)

-   Dr. Smith’s has been a sponsor of this here blog in the past and I’m proud to be one of their Premium Parents. I love working with them because the company is amazing but also I swear the universe wants me to use Dr. Smith’s. I had just run out of our last tub of cream when the Citrus Lane box arrived and it was like MAGIC. And now I have a coupon for the next time I run to Walgreen’s to pick some up. Double Score!

In the past I’ve also received a little something just for me in the Citrus Lane Box. One of my favorite colors of Julep nail polish is one I got in a previous month’s box. Everything comes beautifully packaged and just makes the day feel special when it arrives. I don’t know about you, but sometimes being a mom is less than… glamorous. For example, this morning I spent a significant amount of time cleaning up the muddy footprints my kids tracked through the house. That’s all well and good, they’re supposed to get muddy. But some days it’s nice to get something beautiful and thoughtful delivered to you out of the blue.

If you’re game to start getting some mama care packages yourself, I have a coupon code for you! Here are some details from Citrus Lane:

Box Pricing Details
–        Citrus Lane’s standard price is $25 per month, which includes free shipping.  Discounted rates are currently available for multi-month subscriptions.
–        Special offer: Join Citrus Lane today and get ½ off your first month.
–        “Offer Terms:  Only new, first-time Citrus Lane subscribers who start a monthly subscription are eligible to redeem this offer.  Multi-month packages and gift subscriptions do not qualify.  To redeem this offer you must enter code DRSMITHS at checkout.”


Have you tried Citrus Lane? Let me know what you think! I’ve only gotten packages for my youngest boy, so I’d love to hear more about packages for older kids. 

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  1. I didn’t realize the price was so low! And you had me at Barefoot Books. 🙂

  2. Yes you are correct about the book…Clare beaton’s illustrations are actually hand sewn on fabric and the process to scan and color match for the books is quite involved but the results are indeed beautiful! Looks like a great box of goodies!

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