Relive Your College Days with Your Preschooler


If you have a three-year old at home, you can easily relive your college days within the confines of your house!

How so, you ask? Well, throw on some awesome flare jeans and some platform boots (or whatever bad fashion is relevant to you) and just pretend your preschooler is that drunk friend you know you had in college. You know. The one who:

  • Could never seem to stay fully clothed


  • That just thought “FOOOOOOOD”

Your 3 year old is basically your permanently drunk friend from college


  • That probably had a little trouble getting through the alphabet, if asked 

  • That suddenly became unable to handle technology

How your 3 year old is basically your drunk college friend

  • That you repeatedly had to console when they burst into tears for no discernible reason 

Feeling Down

  • That would pass out anywhere

Preschooler Napping on the Couch


  • That would shout words over and over again

  • That made you constantly yell “Don’t do that!” for fear of their personal safety

Jumping on the Couch

  • That might pee their pants without caring at all
Adorable Kid

(I wasn’t going to subject you to a photo of urine)


I could go on. And on. And on. How about, “When putting shoes on, says ‘I can do it!’ fifteen times before coming to you and saying, ‘Can you help me?’” Or “Has trouble unbuttoning pants.” Or “Often trips over own feet.” Definitely a big one is “you get really nervous if they’ve been quiet for too long.” 

At least he’s adorable and isn’t (usually) vomiting, right? It’s definitely a step up. 


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  1. Preschoolers are most certainly the drunkest of the drunk. I love to read your posts and chuckle to myself. C already does many of those things, and she’ll only be 2 at the end of December. Lord, help me! Hugs!

  2. HOLY MOLY! It’s all SOOOOOOO true!! Thanks for the awesome laugh!

  3. So accurate and SOOOOOO hilarious!

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