Fashion Friday: Faux Snow Day Edition


When I left the house this morning to go to my barre class, it was 57 degrees and POURING. By the time I was heading home an hour later the temperature had dropped to 46 degrees. This is dead of winter weather for San Antonio and I couldn’t be more excited! Seriously- I love cold, rainy, gray days so much it’s silly. 

How to Have a Faux Snow Day

Scarf: Gift from my friend Caitlin to all her bridesmaids.
Too bad I’m the worst friend ever and missed the wedding because Spike had just been born.
Sweater: Misope
Leggings: Calvin Klein Performance, they’re fleece lined and super soft

So here I am wearing my fleece lined leggings, a super comfy sweater, and a scarf, ready for a day of indoor winter goodness. You better believe that I’ll also be searching for some big woolly socks to add to this beautiful ensemble. Get psyched. 

I have a whole #fauxsnowday planned:

  • Cinnamon rolls and tea (well, tea for me anyway) for breakfast
  • Air mattress up in the living room for all day Netflix watching with the boys
  • Fire in the fireplace
  • Grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch
  • Popcorn and peppermint hot chocolate – with whipped cream!- as an afternoon treat
  • Regular family movie night with homemade pizza for dinner
  • Comfortable, warm, cozy clothes for everyone
  • Books galore

Isn’t it glorious? It is my favorite kind of day. If only Sergeant Handsome could be home from work, then it would be perfect. At least he’ll be home for Family Movie Night later! 

How to Have a Faux Snow Day

Do you like snow days- real or imagined? What’s on your list for perfect “snow day”?


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  1. This is an awesome idea. We love cold days around here too. My Colorado born and raised hubs loves any reason to wear his fleece pull overs, I look forward to being able to dress the boys in their cute winter things that don’t get much use and wear my boots. Homemade pizza and hot chocolate are on our list today and you have given me a few more ideas to try. Have fun!

  2. You have a great day planned! I had grilled cheese and tomato soup on the menu for lunch today too, but we didn’t get to it. So instead I have a veggie and bean soup on the stove for dinner.

    I love cozy days.

  3. Paninis and soup for dinner, yes ma’am! Popcorn and Netflix also sounds like a great idea. Love this weather, too!

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