There’s a pestilence in our house. That guy, right there? He’s had a stomach virus for a few days now. Fidget picked it up as of today. Between the puking and the cleaning up of the puke (although, truthfully, Sergeant Handsome did the lion’s share of the sickness-clean-up over the weekend) and the thunderstorms last night… I’m a little sleepy.

Thankfully we are giving ourselves a little mini-spring-break right now. Last week, when the rest of San Antonio was on Spring Break from school, we had more playdates than normal but continued with our homeschool work. After Fidget had a minor breakdown over a simple assignment yesterday morning, we decided that maybe we could have a little spring break too.

We actually had a really great conversation about school and homeschooling. Fidget is going to be 6 in a few weeks (holy crap, how did that happen?!?!?!) and is capable of holding his own in conversation. We talked about regular school and homeschool and responsibility and education. It was great. It definitely made me feel better about our decision to homeschool. I don’t want Fidget to ever feel like he has to choose homeschooling. If going to a regular school was really important to Fidget, Sergeant Handsome and I would do everything in our power to make that work for him so that he could get the best education he could. But since homeschooling has ended up being really great for the whole family, and not just Fidget, I’m glad that he likes it as much as he does.

So spring break it is. Mostly this has meant that Fidget and Mini-Me are watching a lot of Netflix. They switch back and forth between Gadget Boy (which is supposed to be like Inspector Gadget as a kid) and Shaun the Sheep (this one I love). Most days I’m paranoid about the amount of screen time they’re getting and try to seriously limit it, if not avoid it altogether. But then sometimes I think that there are kids who grow up in terrible environments and still end up being solid citizens and good human beings… so will a little tv time really put my kids in a pipeline straight to prison? Probably not. Since they are so very good all the time (or at least most of the time), they can have a day or two of non-stop television.

Though even kids don’t want to be in front of the tv from breakfast to bedtime. The boys and I did spend time outside yesterday, drawing with chalk and playing in the grass. And Sergeant Handsome took the little boys on a walk after dinner. So if my allowing hours of television for a couple of days makes you squirm, you can feel a little bit better with that knowledge.

Now I’m off to work on the bread I’m getting ready to bake. We are almost out of stomach-virus-friendly foods, so I had to whip up some bread this morning. I may not be entirely prepared, but I can bake a mean loaf of bread… so there’s that. (It’s the italian bread recipe from Brown-Eyed Baker, in case you were wondering… it’s easy and delicious)

How do people live without carbs?

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