Apartment Guide- Military Families: Home Base is Any Place Blogger Challenge (and giveaway!!)

We have moved. A lot. The most recent move was just a few months ago, in June. I’ve mentioned the frequent moves as being one of the hard aspects of being an Army wife. I’ve talked about the best and worst parts of moving. Remember when we had no furniture and the air mattress tried to kill us? I even admitted that I needed to have my mom come unpack boxes for me, because I just couldn’t bring myself to finish the job (p.s., there are still boxes- Mom, you’re such a slacker, geeze). Clearly I talk about it all the freakin’ time frequently, so I’m sure you’re aware.

All this makes me consider myself well-versed in all things moving. So when Apartment Guide asked me to participate in their “Military Housing: Home Base in Any Place” Blogger Challenge, it was a perfect fit. We have used Apartment Guide in the past when looking for apartments (at the moment we live in a house we own, but they aren’t all rentals- they have real estate listings too!) and I’m psyched to promote them.

Over at Apartment Guide, there is a focus on all stages of the process, it isn’t just about finding a roof over your head. Their Moving Today site has information about how to make the most of where you are currently living, help with looking for a new place and tons of moving tips. For a military family that is always shifting from living to looking to moving (it has averaged out to one move per year for us, woah!), resources like Moving Today can always be useful.

Apartment Guide is also trying to make sites you already use more helpful in your search for a new place. They have a search feature right in their Apartment Guide Facebook page, as well as a app that let’s you search with friends on Facebook. It’s already part of a site you’re likely to use anyway- awesome! And you can find Apartment Guide on Twitter (@aptguide), where you can use the hashtag #OfficeHours to get help focusing an apartment search. For those of us that are in military families, we can also @ them with the hashtag #anyplace.


Obviously I’m excited about all the great ways to use Apartment Guide. But I’m not the only one that should be excited, you should be psyched too. Apartment Guide is providing a $100 AmEx gift card to give away to one of you!


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To Enter:

You must leave a comment telling on this post, telling me your favorite tip for living, looking or moving.  Maybe check out the Moving Today website and tell me what article or tip was most useful to you. Next Monday, in my post to announce the winner, we’ll compare notes. I’ll be posting my 5 favorite tips and articles.

For an extra entry, go follow Apartment Guide on Twitter (@aptguide) and come back here to leave a comment telling me you did so.

Or for an extra entry you can tweet “I entered to #win $100 from @aptguide and @thehhhousewife and you can too: http://bit.ly/nk3x1S #anyplace” (and- you guessed it- leave a comment here telling me that you did)



This giveaway will remain open until 10 PM, CST, on Sunday, October 23rd. Winner will be chosen using random.org and announced on The Half-Hearted Housewife on Monday, October 24th. 


Apartment Guide is owned by Consumer Source, Inc. Apartment Guide partnered with bloggers such as me to participate in its “Military Housing: Home Base in Any Place” Blogger Challenge.  As part of that program, I received compensation.  They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the products used for the “Military Housing: Home Base in Any Place” Blogger Challenge. Apartment Guide and Consumer Source believe that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Consumer Source’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

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  1. looking tip: ask about the use of water softner to owner. We lost 2 appliances very soon after we bought our first home because she didn’t use the softner.

  2. Take your time when finding an apartment. Don’t sign a lease with the place with the best move in special. If they’re offering free rent, there’s probably a reason why.

  3. Looking Tip: Think about what you want to be surrounded by. Do you like fast pace city life or the quiet calm park area? It’s more than about what your house looks like on the inside.

    Tip2: know ur moving in advance pack room by room. Start with the seasonal things and all the items you aren’t using. Don’t pack things you haven’t used in years. Who wants to carry around junk.

    Tip 3: invole the kids. Change is hard helping them create memories they can hold on to is great and keeps them out of the way while you pack. Have them go through there toys and organize them

  4. Best tip from our most recent move? Don’t move during your first trimester! 🙂 Total exhaustion + working full-time + packing boxes in the evening = sleeping on the couch instead of packing.

    My “real” moving tip would be to start saving boxes as soon as you know you’re going to be moving soon; sure, it’s a pain to store empty boxes, but searching in vain the week for boxes outside liquor stores or in your garbage room before your move — or worse, having to pay through the nose for boxes you toss as soon as you move in — sucks.

  5. Tip 1: Apartments with the least details in the posting, are often the nicest places. Landlords know when an apartment is nice, so they don’t need to woo you with 50 pictures of the 1 nice room to sell the place.

    Tip 2: Starting a few months before your anticipated move work on eating ALL of the food in your cabinets, freezer, etc. This is save you lots of money.

    Tip 3: Hire movers. To help pay for movers, see tip 2.

  6. My tip is to consider the neighborhood, schools, etc. BEFORE even looking at houses or apartments.

  7. My favorite tip: work with a realtor, whether you are renting or buying. Find one that is friendly and excited to help you look, and if they aren’t, find a new one. Once you find a great one, milk them for all the information you can. We had a wonderful realtor on our last big move, and she really hooked us up with a lot of different things. (a great insurance agent, someone looking to get rid of a lawn mower, etc.)

  8. I 2nd the “work with a Realtor” advice. If you’re moving somewhere you know nothing about, their advice can be invaluable when it comes to making informed decisions.

  9. I’m following @aptguide

  10. Tip 1: Take Time to oganize and pack all boxes by room and label accordingly! Tip 2: Make some easy meals to freeze and just put them in the oven when you move. tracietrump@yahoo.com

  11. Follow Apartment guide via twitter@tmt121172 tracietrump@yahoo.com

  12. I’ve moved 14 times (non-army related) and I still hate it, everytime. Moving Advice…hmmm… never pack anything you care about (glass/fragile) in the truck/van, comforters & towels make excellent wrapping for picture frames and thats one less thing to pack, the milk crates from grocery stores make excellent dish & pot carriers b/c they can hold a lot of weight and never ask your friends to help you move cause they probably won’t be your friends after =)

  13. The best moving tip I can give anyone is to number your boxes and make a small journal that contains the contents of each box. It makes finding things really easy!

  14. I like the article on decorating your apartment walls.

  15. I really like this article: http://www.movingtoday.com/what-to-do-with-packing-materials-after-your-move/ about what to do with packing materials after you’ve moved, I always think its so wasteful to just toss costly packing items asside when you’re done, and found this super useful. Not to mention I can apply these to items that I have shipped to me. 😀 thanks apt guide!

  16. I follow aptguide on Twitter as @abitnerdy 🙂

  17. I follow @aptguide as @bikeohio on twitter.

  18. Before we’ve moved I did many, many internet searches about the base, the area, the culture, what to do, churches, even malls. It helped me feel like I was more on top of the experience!

  19. I’m following Apartment Guide on twitter! (@channynn).

  20. looking tip,even if u don’t have kids and aren;t planning in them,u should still check the schools out. accidents happen 😉

  21. I love this article on their site – http://www.movingtoday.com/how-to-prepare-for-a-winter-move/ How to prepare for a winter move – really good tips in it such as on how to protect belongings from the cold.

  22. I follow apartment guide on twitter @deegee13

  23. I looked at the moving today site and learned that most shipping centers, like The UPS Store, will accept used, clean packing peanuts. I didn’t know that! I have always struggled to dispose of packing materials after a move, not knowing where the local dump is.

  24. I follow Apt Guide on Twitter (mami2jcn)

  25. tweeted-http://twitter.com/#!/mami2jcn/status/128095369363062785

  26. The best tip I read on Moving Today has to do with packing material. They said, ” Packing peanuts pose more of a challenge, but most shipping centers, like The UPS Store, will accept used, clean packing peanuts. Just call first to make sure!”

    I never thought of taking them to a packing and shipping store so this was a surprise to read but it makes perfect sense. I have a few boxes of peanuts still sitting around so I’ll give the store a call this week. Yay for getting rid of clutter!

  27. I love this tip http://www.movingtoday.com/find-the-right-moving-boxes/ on how to find the right moving boxes. We are moving next year and this website has many great resources and will definitely make any move less stressful!

  28. I follow apartment guide on twitter @aes529

  29. My moving tip from previous experience: start packing early to have everything ready on moving day

  30. I follow Apartment Guide on Twitter @ElenaIstomina

  31. tweet-http://twitter.com/#!/ElenaIstomina/status/128192314765086720

  32. My tip for moving is to label the boxes so you know what is in them when you are ready to unpack.

    I liked this tip from their website. Make a Apartment Guide Moving Checklist – so you can keep track of loose ends.

  33. following @aptguide on twitter (JennferCNP)

  34. my best tip is to LABEL everything, it’ll make it a million times easier once you’re in and trying to find that one box… ! I like their tips abotu questions to ask http://www.movingtoday.com/ask-these-questions-before-renting-an-apartment/

  35. i follow apt guide ont witter @desmoinesdealin

  36. I think the easiest way I have moved is by making sure I do not wai until the last minute to start packing. There is so much frustration if you move that way.

    I like their tip of making sure you make a list of everyone that needs to know you moved.

  37. Twitter follower of aptguide

  38. All my moves have been non-military related so I was packing myself and writing ALL the contents of the box on the outside. Because 7 boxes of “kitchen stuff” doesn’t help when you need that one specific pan.