Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray Giveaway!!!!

A couple of months ago, Dr. Smith’s sent me the most amazing thing in the mail: diaper rash SPRAY. Spray, I tell you.

Then they told me that I couldn’t talk about it with anyone because I was just a tester. Ugh! I wanted to tell every parent out there that their diaper changing lives would be forever changed for the better with this spray.


You know that I love Dr. Smith’s. I don’t talk about it all the time, mostly because- who wants to talk about diaper rash? No one.

But, guys? This new spray is seriously so amazing that I have to talk about it. Not only do I want to talk about it here, but I also agreed to do some testimonials for a video for Dr. Smith’s. Eek!
If you know how I feel about being in front of a camera (I hate it. I mean, will do anything to avoid it, hate it), then you’ll know that it is a BIG deal that I agreed to be in the video. I was not being paid for it, I just thought the diaper rash spray was such a huge deal that I needed to be in the video, even if I looked awful.

Part of the reason I wanted to be in the video was because it had been so frustrating not to be able to spread the word about the spray to anyone and everyone that I know. It was so hard to keep my mouth shut! I will say this a million times, and use this phrase in the video, because I seriously mean it: This is a parenting game changer.

Using a diaper rash cream is kind of messy and gross and you don’t know what to do after you’ve put it on your kid. You have to fasten the new diaper and get rid of the old diaper and deal with the tiny human being. But really all you want to do is wash your hands. But now, with this spray, your hands stay clean. It’s so small but so huge at the same time.

Since our youngest is still in diapers but also quite mobile (he’s getting hard to keep track of), making diaper changes go as fast as possible is essential. Using the spray makes everything faster because: clean hands. Also? I’m kind of lazy and this spray requires less effort than using a cream. 

I can’t say it enough. Parenting. Gamechanger. 

If you’re still in the diaper changing phase of your life then you need to run out and grab Dr. Smith’s diaper rash spray. Right now. It will change your life.

If you’d like to see my totally embarrassing video debut (seriously, how do the other ladies look so fabulous and cool?), check it out here:

Even better than my own personal embarrassment, you could win a 200 DOLLAR Visa giftcard and some Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray, provided by Dr. Smith’s! Just use this Rafflecopter entry thingy (<<< that’s obviously a technical term right there) to enter to win. Three runners-up will also win a full sized bottle of Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have kids in diapers, tell me how excited you are about this spray! Why wasn’t this invented 8 years ago when my first was in diapers?!?!?


Time to Move. Again.

Well, I’ve been avoiding writing this post because I was kind of in denial about it. A couple of weeks ago we found out that my husband had orders to PCS (also known as “move” for those unfamiliar with military lingo) to a different post. 

Moving is Hard, Y'all

To say that I’m sad about it would be a massive understatement. 

We’ve lived here in San Antonio for three years, almost to the day, and I’ve loved it in here. We had lived here twice before that also, so it feels like we’ve been here forever. This is also the longest we’ve ever been in one place without moving. We have friends, a nice home, the boys had just gotten accepted into a great new charter school, my husband liked his job here, I had a great support system. And now we have to leave it all behind. 

It’s part of being an Army family- you move. And I know that and accept it but it’s still really, really hard to do. Especially when you’re moving from a place where you are incredibly happy to a place where you cannot imagine being happy. 

The new post is another in Texas, except this one is in the middle of nowhere. I am not a “middle of nowhere” kind of girl. Sigh. I’m sure that it will end up being fine and maybe I’ll end up loving it, but right now I’m just not thrilled. Every time I try to be optimistic about it, my cynical side takes over and finds negatives. Sigh, again. (There is a lot of sighing on my part these days)

So right now we’re trying to start the process of packing up as much as possible and fixing all the little things around the house to get it ready to put on the market. I’m so lucky to have parents that are handy (my dad) and love to pack/organize (my mom) and that are also willing to come down here to help us out. With the four boys and two dogs and short timeline that we have to move- we should be at the new post by mid-August- it will be enormously helpful to have their assistance for a few days. And a friend of mine from New York is trying to come down for a few days in July to help me keep the boys and house under control while we’re hopefully having a lot of showings. Having good people in your life is just the best. 

It’s hard to find the motivation to prepare for a move when your heart isn’t really in it. I’m trying to focus on all of the great things we get to carry with us, wherever we live: all of us being together, my husband being home and not overseas, my kids being healthy. Obviously those are the most important things and if we have to live somewhere crappy for a few years, oh well. Right? 

Wish me luck in trying to get my ADD brain together enough to start organizing and packing up this house! If you’re local and want to help, I’ll bake you a cake. 

(No. Seriously. I’ll bake you a cake if you want to help.


Summer Boredom Buster #1: Watergun Target Range

My kids love to tell me that they’re bored. Usually my answer is just, “Go outside!” but there are times when they’ve already spent hours out there, there’s a thunderstorm, it’s too hot, or it’s otherwise just unpleasant. Sometimes this means I let them play on the iPad for a little while (let’s be real) but I don’t want to resort to that every time. 

Kids bored at home this summer? Try this Boredom Buster... a Watergun Target Range! www.halfheartedhousewife.com



One of my favorite boredom busters is a watergun target range. I take dry erase markers and put numbers in circles in tiles on the shower wall. Then each boy gets a cheap watergun and they get to spray the numbers until they disappear. It’s surprisingly fun, requires only two minutes of effort on my part, and keeps them occupied for more than thirty minutes. #winner 

You could make it prettier, more or less complicated, and add a lot of variation. Want to work on math skils during the summer? Put a lot of numbers up on the wall and give the kids a math equation, then have them spray the correct answer. Have a little kid working on letter recognition? Write all the letters on the wall and have them spray each letter as you call it out. There are a ton of ways to change this up, making it an activity you can pull out time and time again over the summer. 

Try it and let me know if your kids love this game as much as mine do! 


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