Black Clouds

We haven’t had the best luck lately. It’s felt a little bit like black clouds are hanging over our house. At one point a few weeks ago I took pictures because there were literally black clouds over our house with sunny skies all around. It had appeared to have moved beyond metaphor. 

I mean, we have been lucky in that none of the things that have happened are world-ending or life-threatening- and believe me, I’m incredibly grateful for that. But the string of events has me wondering if Sergeant Handsome and I accidentally ran over someone’s pet bunny or something and we’re paying the universe back. 

Just between Saturday and Monday, for instance, our oldest son broke a large window in our living room, the water heater gave out and dumped its entire contents onto the garage floor, and our 4-year old rolled out of bed at 4 am and split his chin open (best method for getting blood out of white bedding?). The past two months have been like this. Just one thing after another that goes wrong, breaks, or generally isn’t the best case scenario. 

Chuckles was, true to his nickname, just as cheery with a giant cut in his chin as without it. The nurses in the ER just adored him (I’m not just saying that because I’m his mother and believe they should, our room was next to the nurses’ station and we could hear them talking). We spent many, many hours there yesterday- just the two of us. He called it a “doctor date with mommy.” Sure!

I was awesomely entertaining, if I do say so myself. It hadn’t occurred to me to bring any sort of entertainment for him- not that we have any, what with all of our stuff already having been moved out of our house- so I spent five hours flexing my imagination muscles. 

I made up a lot of stories, we turned his hospital bed into a boat and went fishing, we hunted for imaginary animals and turned the room into a giant zoo, we added an aquarium to the zoo, we found treasure (and, bizarrely, pretended to clean said treasure… whatever works for you, kid), we flew in airplanes and helicopters. Whew. It’s exhausting to make stuff up for that many hours without break! Ha, I was clearly out of practice. 

Always carry an emergency stash of 'staches. A mustache lightens up any situation.

Always carry an emergency stash of ‘staches. A mustache lightens up any situation.

Once I had exhausted all of my imagination resources, Chuckles took it upon himself to explore the room. And by explore, I mean try to destroy/see how quickly he could add another injury to the list. My only consolation in trying to keep him from climbing up on, jumping off of, spinning around on, and otherwise using the furniture in ways not intended was that I felt pretty confident that the staff would know for sure that my kid is just a wild monkey and I wasn’t just a bad mother that let him get hurt through neglect.

It’s the little things. 

And through all of our string of bad luck (or petty annoyances or whatever you want to call it), it really has been the little things that have continued to make us laugh. We have to laugh because even though we’re at the point where people are making “what’s next, locusts?” type jokes to us, at the end of the day we are all still together and healthy (minus three stitches in a chin). So while I’d prefer to be able to go at least three days without dealing with any repairmen or hearing any bad news on the home-selling front, I’m happy to have the most important pieces of my life together. 

If I can though, I’d love to add “someone bought my house” to the list of things that are good.

Just putting it out there in the universe.

In case that helps. 




Carried Away

The Half-Hearted Housewife

Last week all of our stuff was packed up and loaded onto a moving truck. Don’t worry, we’re still in our very-much-on-the-market home, just without our stuff. We thought we had put aside all the things we would need for the week or two we will be without our things (fingers crossed that’s all it is, three years ago when we moved in we were without our household goods for about 7 weeks). Turns out, we are not that great at setting aside essentials. 

Here’s a sampling of things that are on the moving truck heading to our new home post:

  • all of the diapers and wipes
  • every person’s toothbrush
  • the five year supply of filters given to us when we had to replace our HVAC system last year*
  • our car keys
  • the dogs’ water and food bowls
  • the dogs’ leashes
  • the dogs’ crate
  • all of my sources of caffeine (tea and coffee)
  • my deodorant 

You know, just a few things we might need. Or not-need, as is the case with the HVAC filters. 

It isn’t like these things are irreplaceable or that we’ll never see them again. But it would have been nice to avoid having to repurchase all of that. Except for the dog stuff- because we can work around that. It’s a lot easier to put the dogs’ water into a tupperware bowl than it is for me to go through each day without deodorant or toothbrushing. Although, it isn’t that I would suffer from those things so much as all the people around me would. 

You’re welcome, world. I bought new personal hygiene products. 

I’m also lucky that I have friends that know how essential caffeine is to my day. A great friend gifted me a single cup pour-over coffee maker yesterday because she had the sense that I would neither remember to set aside my coffee maker nor would I be able to survive the sleeping-on-the-floor-in-a-sleeping-bag thing without it. 

Cross your fingers that a house we like will be available soon at our new post and that we’ll be able to move in and get all of our stuff back before the boys should start school in two weeks! (and also that I’ll be able to find our car keys in one of 100 boxes when we do… thank god the valet key was stashed in the car so we can still use it!)



*Look for these to hit Ebay sometime this fall.


Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray Giveaway!!!!

A couple of months ago, Dr. Smith’s sent me the most amazing thing in the mail: diaper rash SPRAY. Spray, I tell you.

Then they told me that I couldn’t talk about it with anyone because I was just a tester. Ugh! I wanted to tell every parent out there that their diaper changing lives would be forever changed for the better with this spray.


You know that I love Dr. Smith’s. I don’t talk about it all the time, mostly because- who wants to talk about diaper rash? No one.

But, guys? This new spray is seriously so amazing that I have to talk about it. Not only do I want to talk about it here, but I also agreed to do some testimonials for a video for Dr. Smith’s. Eek!
If you know how I feel about being in front of a camera (I hate it. I mean, will do anything to avoid it, hate it), then you’ll know that it is a BIG deal that I agreed to be in the video. I was not being paid for it, I just thought the diaper rash spray was such a huge deal that I needed to be in the video, even if I looked awful.

Part of the reason I wanted to be in the video was because it had been so frustrating not to be able to spread the word about the spray to anyone and everyone that I know. It was so hard to keep my mouth shut! I will say this a million times, and use this phrase in the video, because I seriously mean it: This is a parenting game changer.

Using a diaper rash cream is kind of messy and gross and you don’t know what to do after you’ve put it on your kid. You have to fasten the new diaper and get rid of the old diaper and deal with the tiny human being. But really all you want to do is wash your hands. But now, with this spray, your hands stay clean. It’s so small but so huge at the same time.

Since our youngest is still in diapers but also quite mobile (he’s getting hard to keep track of), making diaper changes go as fast as possible is essential. Using the spray makes everything faster because: clean hands. Also? I’m kind of lazy and this spray requires less effort than using a cream. 

I can’t say it enough. Parenting. Gamechanger. 

If you’re still in the diaper changing phase of your life then you need to run out and grab Dr. Smith’s diaper rash spray. Right now. It will change your life.

If you’d like to see my totally embarrassing video debut (seriously, how do the other ladies look so fabulous and cool?), check it out here:

Even better than my own personal embarrassment, you could win a 200 DOLLAR Visa giftcard and some Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray, provided by Dr. Smith’s! Just use this Rafflecopter entry thingy (<<< that’s obviously a technical term right there) to enter to win. Three runners-up will also win a full sized bottle of Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Spray!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have kids in diapers, tell me how excited you are about this spray! Why wasn’t this invented 8 years ago when my first was in diapers?!?!?

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